Take Time – Restore, Reconnect & Relax

Life can be busy.

Let’s be honest, we are mostly in this whirlpool of work, sleep, sometimes play, work, sleep cycle that seems to rely on human beings continuing with this hectic lifestyle we have created. How did we get to this place?
We are all choosing to aspire to achieve and become our best versions of us…. And in the process do we forget the most important thing?
To actually create time and space to just be.
It’s almost like this needs to be scheduled into our lives.

Let’s promise to each other that we will take the time, to actually re-connect and restore with our beloveds, make it a priority and seek that amazing experience, spoil your partner and family, step outside your comfort zone ( that is where the magic is ) and find a heavenly space and some TIME to make it happen.

Stay… Play… Spa @ 27 Hartung offers this quintessential experience. If you are keen to find some peace, unearth the essence of a good life and feel the great vibe with your humans then find some of that precious time and make it happen…

27 Hartung

Restore, Relax, Reinvigorate And Reconnect

27 Hartung is the quintessential hills getaway. Just 40 minutes from Perth CBD, it feels a world away from everyday life. Immerse yourself in the best the perth hills have to offer: wine, food, nature and beauty.
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